400 Stories Project

March 17, 2023

*This deadline only pertains to writers who want their stories to be considered for inclusion in the official commemorative book. Read more here…

Throughout time humans have kept a tradition of passing on history, heritage and some pretty tall tales through the art of storytelling.

As we approach our 400th anniversary Gloucester 400 has launched the 400 Stories Project, a citywide undertaking whose goal is to collect, preserve, and share 400 stories of Gloucester and its people.

The “400 Stories Project” was launched in 2019 with a mission to collect 400 Stories from our founding citizens in 1623 through 2023.

Our aim is to bring to life, commemorate, and preserve the rich diversity, strength of character, and unique accomplishments (large or small) that have connected the people of Gloucester today and across the centuries.

We invite you to help us make history by submitting a story.

A good Gloucester Story can be about any topic. Factual stories, narratives, and vignettes about the men, women, and children who shaped our history from 1623 to the present.

Consider, for example, the families, neighborhoods, traditions, the people who lived, sacrificed, rejoiced, worked, innovated together and built our incredible community, at times risking everything.

Consider a family member or ancestor or even yourself, a person you admire, a person’s livelihood, a renowned Gloucester citizen, a ‘silent’ Gloucester citizen, or an iconic Gloucester business or event.

Think about stories that will make people laugh, cry, or just feel a little more connected to this place we call home.

Residents of all ages and backgrounds may submit stories. Send us a quick video, an audio recording or a brief written description of your story idea that records the people, characters, and heroes of Gloucester, both past and present. Include photos or artwork to help tell your story.

However you gather the pieces of your story, please be sure to do so in a safe way. If interviewing someone, pick up the phone, use FaceTime, Zoom, or another online forum. If collecting documents or information, use online sources to the extent possible.

For more information and help in submitting a story, please see Getting Started, Consent and Release Forms to give Gloucester 400 permission to publish your story, Submitting your Story, and Instructions for Uploading your Story.

Thank you!