Please read our detailed submission guidelines and FAQ’s before writing or submitting a story.

Stories we are seeking: True life stories of people who live in Gloucester now, once lived in Gloucester, summer/ed in Gloucester, or work/ed in Gloucester. Modern-day and historical pieces are welcome. Of particular interest are stories that give direct voice or recognition to those people who have been unheard, marginalized, or misrepresented in the past or their descendants. Please read our detailed guidelines before writing or submitting your story.

Formats we accept: We accept written stories and interview-style stories on video or audio. Written stories are generally in one of the following styles: biography, autobiography, or family history stories, but we are open to any good story no matter how it is told.

How long a story can be: Written stories should be no longer than 3600 words or up to six single-spaced (8.5 x 11) pages utilizing Arial or Futura 12-point font size. If a longer story is submitted, we will only pull excerpts from it. Video and audio stories (interviews) should be no longer than 45 minutes. We may only pull clips from longer interviews.

Formatting: Please submit your written story in Microsoft Word. Videos should be formatted for uploading on YouTube. Always check the most current YouTube specifications before shooting video or recording audio. Read our detailed guidelines for more formatting requirements.

About photos: Please choose up to ten photos relevant to your story and scan at the highest resolution possible, no lower than 300 DPI. Submit them as individual attachments, not embedded in your story. If you cannot scan photos at home, bring to a local copy shop.

Helping you write your story: Inexperienced writers can attend one of our free writing workshops, held throughout the year. The Gloucester400+ also has volunteer editors who can edit your first draft. We can also assist you to form a writing group in your place of business.

Ownership of your story: Authors retain all rights but must sign a consent form for the Gloucester400+ to utilize your story, publish it online, and possibly in a commemorative book.

Publishing your story: All accepted stories will be published online on the Gloucester400+ website. In 2023 selected stories will be published in a commemorative book.

Deadline: Our tentative deadline for story submissions is December 1, 2022.

Where to submit a story: Story ideas, stories, and photos must be submitted HERE

Questions? Email

After submitting a story: You will receive an auto-response from our website when your story is
received. In the weeks that follow your submission, the Stories Project Manager will email you
about next steps. Remember that this process will take time, and our volunteer staff is working
hard to assist you and publish your story.

*PLEASE NOTE: The information above is a quick overview. Please follow the detailed guidelines and
read the FAQ’s before writing or submitting your story.