Stories We seek

We seek a variety of true stories about anyone who lives in Gloucester now, once lived in Gloucester, works/worked in Gloucester, or summers/summered in Gloucester. The story can be about someone else, or about YOU and your experiences here. Modern-day stories and historical pieces are both welcome. Some examples include:

  • Insightful or entertaining stories about Gloucester’s memorable, hardworking, unique, loving, and colorful personalities. They need not be well-known; they can be the everyday inspirations of Gloucester of today or long ago.
  • Stories that give direct voice or recognition to those who may have been unheard, marginalized or mis-represented in the past, AND/OR the voices of their descendants. Examples include indigenous or native peoples, black or African American peoples and more. See our Diversity Statement here:
  • Stories that inspire; stories that reflect an individual’s, a family’s, or a group’s rise above adversity or demonstrate courage.
  • Stories that reflect achievement in academics, the arts, sports and more. We would like to hear from current students, artists, and athletes in our public schools now as well as past students.
  • Loving tributes to those who have passed on. Your family history: When did your family arrive? What hardships did they face, coming to America? What were the rewards for coming here? We are not so much looking for family trees, we are looking for the stories centered the people that may have shaped or influenced your family’s history.
  • Your personal story of arriving in Gloucester and starting a new life here.
  • Stories of those who contribute to the betterment of our community today, or long ago.
  • Business related stories – not focused on products, but on the personalities and people who make the business what it is/what it was. These stories should share the voices of all persons, at every level of the business.