Stories : Biographies

March 17, 2023

*This deadline only pertains to writers who want their stories to be considered for inclusion in the official commemorative book. Read more here...

Looking Forward with Allie Nicastro
Dont’ Stop Believin’ – The  Story of Brandon  Blatchford
A Tale Of Two Rogers
Reading Stones with Jussi Wayrynen
The Spirit Of Giving –  Robert Mcgillivray
People who made a difference
Mike  Linquata
The Fisherman
A Moment on the Boulevard with Johnny  Parisi
Avis Murray
Caesar Roland
Rabbi Myron Geller
Narrative of Mrs. Prince
Saluting Gus Foote
Everett Jodrey
Fred Peterson
Thanos Family Thrives in Gloucester
My Nana, Elsie B. Lawson
Joe Orange
Piscitello Family – Journey to America
Dick Bell
Fred Jacobson – The Life of Lanesville
Nick Curcuru Story
My Mother The Frugal Finn
Doctor Isaac Adams, Distinguished Inventor
John Handran (1852–1885)
Vincenzia and Paul Ciarametaro
Roger Conant – Harold Conant Varney
Onni R. Erkkila, 1914 – 1981
Stuffy McInnis
Lena Mary Parisi Novello, 1917 – 2005