The Winner

Artist: Beth Swan | Design: “Out at Sea”

Winning Medals

Swan chose to depict the city of Gloucester as seen from the harbor – like a ship returning home. Mixing the city’s historic, landmark buildings with a modern-day wind turbine, the artist looks back at the city’s sturdy origins and ahead to a skyline that reflects progress and the future. A codfish swims beneath the waves in a reminder of the ocean’s contribution to Gloucester’s economy. The reverse is dominated by Gloucester’s iconic ‘Man at the Wheel’ shown against a rising sun that symbolizes the hope and optimism of a new day.


Beth SwanThe artist lives with her family in Gloucester, where they count their blessings that they reside year-round in a place with such a rich, working waterfront history, lively community of artisans, and extraordinary scenic beauty. “One of our favorite activities it to visit Stage Fort Park to play on the playground, walk along the boulevard among the flowers, watch the cut bridge go up and down, and end up on Main Street for treats!” Ms. Swan’s design began as an illustration inspired by life in Gloucester long before she knew about the design competition. The possibility that “Out at Sea” could represent Gloucester’s 400th for generations to come has left her happily surprised and deeply honored.