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Gloucester Debuts the Logo for Its 400th-Anniversary Celebration

Ms. Linn Parisi, Founder of Discover Gloucester™, Collaborates with Local Residents to Create the Symbol of the City’s Quadricentennial

Gloucester, MA – April 18, 2019 – Gloucester Celebration Corporation, the official organizers of Gloucester, Massachusetts’ 400th -anniversary celebration, has selected the winner of the Gloucester400™ Logo Design Contest.

Originally submitted anonymously for consideration, the logo representing Gloucester’s 400th anniversary was developed by Ms. Linn Parisi, a 13th generation Gloucester native. In fact, residents of Gloucester who have been following local news may have already noticed its recent appearance. The easily-recognizable image adorns news releases, articles, social media, and blog posts about Gloucester’s 400th -anniversary preparations. It depicts the familiar profile of a fishing boat captain at the wheel of his ship, looking stalwartly ahead, over powerful waves.

“This image is deeply meaningful to the city of Gloucester, its people, and its heritage,” explained tri-chairperson, Bruce Tobey, who was a member of the selection committee. “We based our decision on the way this logo incorporates much of Gloucester’s history and celebrates the generations of people who have lived and worked here together since 1623.”

The public unveiling of the official Gloucester400 logo will take place on April 27th at 1:00 p.m. in Gloucester City Hall. Members of the community are warmly invited to attend this early observance of the city’s upcoming anniversary and participate in the planning session to follow.

“Our Logo, Our Story”

The theme of the quadricentennial is Gloucester: Our People, Our Stories™. And, like the city itself, the Gloucester400 logo has a story of its own. The story begins back in 2013 when Ms. Linn Parisi first began thinking about the city’s big anniversary and discussing it with friends and associates in the community. Like so much of Gloucester’s progress through the centuries, the final logo was the result of collaboration between Gloucester newcomers and long-time residents alike.

“Before the planning for Gloucester400 began, I had read Gloucester Historical Timeline 1000-1999, by Mary Ray and Sarah Dunlap,” said Ms. Parisi. “Thinking about the waves of immigrants who settled in Gloucester over the centuries intrigued and inspired me. The image stuck with me as the town began to organize for our 400th anniversary celebration. In my imagination, symbolic waves would be a prominent feature in the logo. I'm not an artist or a graphic designer but my dear friend, Linda Stockman, is. So I asked for her help to make my design come about."

In addition to Ms. Stockman’s help, Ms. Parisi received input from other members of the community who suggested adding an element that would evoke Gloucester’s renowned Fisherman’s Memorial. The resulting picture became her anonymous submission to the logo contest that integrates iconic imagery with a symbolic homage to Gloucester’s diversity and tradition of inclusion.

"My vision for our logo was to honor the generations of immigrants who built our city. The teachers, fishermen, artists, innovators -- all the citizens since 1623 have added their culture to make us who we are," Ms. Parisi explained. "Each citizen and their family, past and present, owns their spot on Gloucester's 400-year timeline; and each has a story to tell and celebrate. I could not be more pleased that my entry was selected to represent our 400th anniversary."

About Linn Parisi

Ms. Parisi’s family has lived in Gloucester for 13 generations, and she has been an active member of the community most of her life. While many may know Linn, some may not be aware that she was the founder of Discover Gloucester™, the official destination marketing organization for the City of Gloucester, where she still serves on the Board of Directors. A lifelong Gloucester resident, Linn is a wellspring of information about the city’s artistic, cultural, historic, maritime, recreational and scenic attractions. Her community spirit is well-known throughout Gloucester, where she has lent her energy and support to many of the city’s initiatives over the years.

Gloucester’s 400th Anniversary: “Our People, Our Stories™”

Gloucester, Massachusetts, America’s oldest seaport, will be “400 years young” in 2023. To celebrate its past, honor its people, and welcome its promising future, the city has begun preparations for celebrating this historic milestone and organizing the year-long celebration of its anniversary. The theme of the quadricentennial is Gloucester: Our People, Our Stories™ and focuses on celebrating Gloucester’s history through the stories of the people who lived, sacrificed, rejoiced, worked, built, and innovated together – at times risking everything -- since 1623. Gloucester Celebration Corporation, is the steering committee established to guide the efforts to create a momentous city-wide celebration among the people and businesses, and facilitate an exceptional year of festivities.

For More Information

To provide the latest information about Gloucester400’s many activities and opportunities, Gloucester Celebration Corporation has launched a website that will be continuously updated with news, fun, and useful information. As the date approaches, anyone who would like to volunteer, donate, or participate is encouraged to visit www.GloucesterMA400.com often and subscribe to the Gloucester400 mailing list.

TRADEMARKS: “Our People, Our Stories™,” Gloucester400™, and Gloucester 400™ are trademarks and/or copyrights of Gloucester Celebration Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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