The use of these forms is an ethical commitment we are making to participants in the Gloucester 400 Stories Project. 


The Informed Consent Form is presented to a potential interviewee within a discussion that provides information about the interview process and the 400 Stories Project. It allows a person to decide whether or not to participate,
to participate with the option of withdrawing from the interview or not answering specific questions if so desired. 
It is intended to ensure an honest communication and relationship between the interviewer and interviewee.   


The Release Forms allow the Gloucester 400 Stories Project to use the interview, story, images or other information that are submitted. These items may be used and published in a variety of formats from print to online. It is important to note, however, that a person does not relinquish copyright ownership. The Release Forms identify the conditions associated with the use of these materials and are intended to ensure respect and honesty in their use.


Please carefully choose the appropriate form or forms below for use in your interview, story, and submissions to
the Gloucester 400 Stories Project.  Be sure that the interview or story participant has a copy and that a copy is provided to the 400 Stories Project Coordinator.


Thank you!

Open the Informed Consent Form  

Open the Release Form          

Open Release Form on Behalf of a Deceased Relative    



Complete the electronic version or download the pdf version, complete, and send to Gloucester 400, PO Box 603, Gloucester, MA 01930 or scan and email to


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